Product Change Notice: The Wall-Mounted NGE Series Will Be Replacing the GE / GEM / GS / GSM / SGA / SGAS Series

Product Strategy Center /Frank Chen

MEAN WELL adaptor product line includes two main categories: wall-mounted and desktop types. The old generation wall-mounted products (GE / GEM / GS / GSM / SGA / SGAS series) under 60W were announced in January 2024 as Not Recommended for New Designs (NRND). These old series will be discontinued starting from July 2024. Henceforth, the wall-mounted products will be fully transitioned to the NGE series, while the desktop products (GST / GSM / OWA series) will continue to be sold.

The next-generation wall-mounted NGE12 / 18 / 30 / 45 / 65 / 90 models, as well as the universal NGE100(U) model equipped with 2C2A charging interfaces, have been highly praised by the market since their launch and receiving tens of thousands of orders. Additionally, the European Union formally enacted legislation on November 23, 2022, mandating that starting from December 28, 2024, charging interfaces for consumer handheld electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, game consoles, and headphones must all adopt USB-C (Type C). The demand for the NGE100(U) charger is expected to increase significantly in the near future.  

The NGE series has the following five highlights:

We warmly remind you again that the NGE series offers much better cost-performance than the old generation series such as GE / GEM / GS / GSM / SGA / SGAS; We strongly recommend our customers switch to the NGE series as soon as possible.

  • Certified with multiple global standards, this device uniquely complies with safety regulations across four domains. (12~90W certified for ICT / Medical / Household Appliances / Industrial)
  • Provides the widest range of global AC plugs ( EU / US / UK / AU / CN).
    • Note: Safety certifications for KR and IN plugs are in progress
  • Carefully selected materials ensure reliability and durability, with a long-lasting three years warranty.
  • Operates in a broad temperature range of -30 to +70°C, making it suitable for global use.
  • Priced competitively, offering excellent cost-performance value.

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