Product Change Notice:SBP-001 Communication Cable Upgrade and CE/UKCA/EAC Mark Added

By: Frank Chen / Product Manager

MEAN WELL's intelligent programmer SBP-001 is compatible with increasing number of power products. In order to avoid adding more cables for each new model, we are consolidating the communication cables to be compatible with multiple models. Additionally, the EMC report has been updated and the CE /UKCA/EAC mark will be added to the SBP-001 product label. Please refer to table below for details on the changes. New productions starting August 2022 will include these changes, but there will be a transition period during which both new and old versions will be in stock. The product price will also remain unchanged. If you have any questions about this product change notice, please refer to the latest product specification on the MEAN WELL website, or you may reach out to your MEAN WELL sales representative.
Implement date: August 2022
Model number: SBP-001
Product change details:  
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