Product Upgrade Notice: Cables of FDL-65,FDLC-80/100 and FDHC-100 Series Are Extended to 30 cm

As MEAN WELL keeps listening to customers’voice, we constantly optimize and improve our products in specifications and application aspects, making them more convenient for customers to utilize. This time, the LED driver series: FDL-65, FDLC-80/100, FDHC-100 series, the length of the input and output cables are extended from the original 15 cm to 30 cm, which greatly enables customers to assemble and install easily and conveniently.
The following standard LED Driver series are upgraded to the new version after the production dated 2019/1/28 (production lot.: W1902C) For more information, please refer to the table below. MEAN WELL fully takes in any relevant cost, making no adjustment on the pricing. Should there be any questions, please refer to the updated specification on the website or contact MEAN WELL sales representatives.
Upgraded Models Upgraded Date Lot. No.
FDL-65  2019/01/28 W1902C
FDLC-80/100 2019/01/28 W1902C
FDHC-100 2019/01/28 W1902C

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