MEAN WELL X Commonwealth Magazine digital projectThe Power of Striving for Excellence

By: Yvonne Chen/ Group Brand Center

On 12th Dec. of 2020, entrusted by Commonwealth Magazine, MEAN WELL published its first book and 60-minute documentary-The Power of Reliable Partners. At the book launch, Jerry Lin, MEAN WELL’s founder, introduced his idea about SDG Group (Sustainable Development Group) and defined the year of 2021 was SDG debut year. He also mentioned MEAN WELL will publish two more books globally, of which the second book named: "The Power of Striving for Excellence", while sales revenue reaches US$2 billion.

Pic: MEAN WELL new book launch on 12th Dec. of 2020 

It's getting closer and closer to the release of the 2nd book! According to MEAN WELL’s sales forecast, it has a great chance to reach USD 2 billion by the end of 2024. In order to record the growth path of SDG Group during the next two years and to strive all employees to pursuit of excellence, MEAN WELL is working on a digital project with Commonwealth Magazine (LINK). Through the articles and a serial of videos launched, we will have a better understanding of SDG group’s development. Meanwhile, all the materials will be collected and edited in the 2nd book and then publish globally.

Pic: MEAN WELL predicts the sales revenue will reach 2 billion in 2024

This MEAN WELL special project is presented in the form of a web page. In addition to latest news , it also posts various topics that are in line with the current situation over time, including ESG partners, public welfare and environmental protection activities…etc. For example, In August of 2022, we prepared two new articles for you as below.  

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You are very welcome to visit this website and share it to your family. Let us strive for excellence and move towards 2 billion in 2024 together!