2019 Germany Youth Research Contest: First prize goes to CNC milling machine with MEAN WELL UHP-500-48


With a fanless AC-DC UHP-500-48 sponsored by MEAN WELL, 17-year-old high school student Ruben Rodermann built an optimized CNC milling machine which won him first prize in the 2019 Jugend Forscht (Youth Research) Contest in Germany.

Ever since he was little, Ruben has enjoyed developing and building machines during his free time. Passionate about technology, Ruben has been running a YouTube channel named “Reblicator” since 2015, where he continues to share technical knowledge with his audience.

With a limited budget, Ruben was constantly fighting to get parts for his numerous innovative projects. That’s when he came up with the idea of making an affordable CNC milling machine with high precision.

He started to design the machine in the summer of 2018, and he found MEAN WELL’s new compact and conducted cooling UHP-500 series ideal for the project in terms of quality and reliability.

The young student said that it didn’t take him long to decide which power supply to choose for his CNC milling machine because “MEAN WELL Power supply is the best in the market.”

Will this talented “scientist of tomorrow” stop developing projects after convincing the jury of the 2019 Jugend Forscht Contest? The answer is certainly not!

One month after the contest, Ruben has already started another project to develop an affordable machine to replace the existing industrial metal 3D printing machine, and he looks forward to working with MEAN WELL again!

Over the years, MEAN WELL has become one of the world’s most known brands for standard power supplies. What most people do not know is that MEAN WELL has been devoted to carrying out its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through various ways. Sponsoring Mr. Rodermann’s project is one of the many examples that demonstrate MEAN WELL’s commitment to CSR and education for our next generation.

Are you a student with scientific projects that might need standard power supplies? Please contact MEAN WELL or our local distributors for sponsorship!