Smart Charging Wireless Programming Solution - NPB-450-NFC

Technical Service Center/Zhendong Wang


Near Field Communication (NFC) is a widely-used short-range wireless communication technology capable of transmitting data between different devices. It offers the advantages of encrypted transmission and high transmission rates.

MEAN WELL has recently introduced the NPB-450-NFC model, an addition to the NPB-450 series. This model is designed to seamlessly integrate with the NFC function of mobile phones. Whether the charger has an AC input or not, the MEAN WELL APP enables users to adjust charging parameters through short-range sensing.

Figure 1. Diagram of NFC application

As shown in Figure 2, in addition to the basic parameters such as constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), float voltage (FV), and taper current (TC) that can be set through the mobile app interface, there are also options to set the charging curve timeout function and the reactivation of charging after reaching full charge. Additionally, for security reasons, NPB-450-NFC features a password function. 


Figure 2. NFC setting interface

For more information about NPB-450-NFC functions, please refer to the complete article and demonstration video below:


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