N78xx Series:1A Miniaturized High Efficiency DC-DC Switching Regulator

By: Frank Chen/ Product Manager

MEAN WELL is launching a new series of 1A non-isolated and miniaturized high efficiency DC-DC switching regulators, the N78xx series. Its pin-out  is fully compatible with the traditional TO-220 packaged 78xx and 79xx linear voltage regulators that had lower efficiency, so it can be used as a direct drop-in replacement. The biggest advantage of using the N78xx series is that no external heat sink is required thanks to its 96% high efficiency, allowing system designers to easily solve heat dissipation problems. The N78xx is suitable for various types of electronic meters, power supplies, distributed systems, etc.

Additionally, the N78xx has many superior parameters in comparison to the 78xx/79xx as shown in the table below:


  • Pin-out compatible with LM78xx/LM79xx linear regulators
  • Compact size
  • -40~+85oC natural convection cooled, no external heat sink required
  • Wide input range up to 36V
  • Support negative output
  • Comply to BS EN/EN55032 radiated Class B without additional components
  • Protections: short circuit / overload / over temperature
  • EAC/UKCA/CE safety approved
  • 3 years warranty

    N78 Series