RST-7K5/15K Series:7.5KW / 15KW 3 Phase 4 Wire High Voltage DC Output Power Supply

By: Rex Lin / Product Manager

The world leader in standard power supply — MEAN WELL, in order to fulfill high-power industrial applications, such as high-voltage charging systems, centralized bus power and other new applications. MEAN WELL has launched its latest three-phase four-wire AC input RST-7K5(7,500W) and RST-15K(15,000W) power supply with 95% high efficiency design, and the maximum parallel output power up to 30kW.

Three different DC output models are provided, including 115V, 230V and 380V, which serve various industries, such as automatic industrial equipment, charging energy storage systems, centralized bus power, and many other applications. In addition, the output voltage and current are programmable, especially, the output voltage adjustment can cover form 1% to 120%. Besides, various built-in monitoring signals are provided, such as over temperature alarm, DC-OK, fan fail alarm, AC fail alarm functions, which allow users to quickly control and integrate system equipment. Also, while applications in many industrial fields may be exposed to various harsh environments, the models are able to operate in a wide temperature range of -30~ +45oC under full load conditions. RST series also provides a choice of two different cooling methods, the forced-air cooling type with built-in fans (RST-7K5/15K) and the water-cooling type (RST-7K5L), either of which can be easily selected according to the characteristics of the equipment or the environment.

In addition to the above features, RST-7K5/15K series are in line with the latest version of the EN/UL62368-1 international safety standards. Also, the mechanism is miniaturized (<2U), and can be installed with a standard 19-inch rack cabinet. It is the best choice of standard power supply for a wide variety of industries equipment with good cost-efficiency and high reliable features. Finally, MEAN WELL's high voltage DC (HVDC)output series includes both three-phase and single-phase series. Please refer to the introduction of high-voltage DC output (HVDC) series in MEAN WELL's Virtual Expo. For a comparison of specifications for the relevant three-phase AC input series, please refer to the description below, or contact your MEAN WELL sales representative.

 Series RST-7K5 RST-15K SHP-10K
 Input voltage  3Ø3W(196~305V AC phase voltage)
 3Ø4W (340~530V AC line voltage)
 3Ø3W (340~530V AC)
 Output voltage  55V/115V/230V/380V DC
 Parallel function  4 unit. (30KW Max.)  2 unit. (30KW Max.)  4 unit. (40KW Max.)
 Heat dissipation  1. Built-in fan cooling
 2. Watercooling
 Built-in fan cooling
 1. Built-in fan cooling
 2. Watercooling
 Efficiency  95%  94.5%  97%(Max.)
 Programming function  PV: Voltage adjustable (1%~120%)
 PC: Current adjustable (20%~100%)
 PV: (50%~120%)
 PC: (20%~100%)
 Digital communication interface  N/A  CANBus / PMBus / MODBus
 460x 211x 83.5 mm (Fan type)
 460x 216x 83.5 mm (Watercooling)
 540x 424x 83.5 mm  460x 211x 83.5 mm (Fan type)
 460x 216x 83.5 mm (Watercooling)
 Warranty 5 years
 Applications DC centralized bus, charging and battery storage system, laser cutting, UV curing equipment, electrolysis equipment
 Specification LINK LINK LINK
 Release time  2022.09  2022.08



  • 3Ø4W AC input with 340~530V wide range
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • Water/forced air cooling types selectable
  • Output voltage and current level programmable
  • Wide voltage adjustment range 1%~120%
  • Active current sharing (Parallel) up to 30kW
  • Protections: Short circuit, Over voltage, Overload, Over temperature
  • Built-in T-alarm / DC-OK / Fan fail / AC fail signals
  • 5 years warranty

RST-7K5 Series   RST-15K Series