XLG-240/320-48-ABV Series: 240W & 320W Agricultural Lighting LED Power Supply

Product Strategy Center / Rex Lin

Though LED lighting is widely used for daily illumination, it is still quite essential to have the economic benefits and animal-friendly conditions for agricultural lighting applications. Some special requirements such as wavelength (color) selection or application without flicker need to be considered for lighting use. Therefore, MEAN WELL has developed a constant voltage output and flicker-free dimming power supply for special lighting fixtures used in the poultry lighting, which is provided to global customers in a standard power supply format.
Due to the varying sizes of animal farms, poultry lighting is currently designed with constant voltage fixtures and wired according to the scale of the site for most. Thus, the length restrictions would also need to be considered for dimming uniformity. In addition, the physiological characteristics of poultry must be fully considered as animals are more sensitive to ambient temperatures and flickers of lighting. Especially when the growth of poultry is greatly influenced by the intensity, duration, and spectrum of light exposure. With the proper lighting, it can stimulate their appetite, increase their food intake, and speed up growing. Therefore, it is necessary to use a dimming power supply without flicker to match the suitable lighting.

The traditional constant voltage for dimming power supplies generally uses the PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) output designs, but PWM dimming often causes flicker noises. To solve this issue, MEAN WELL has developed a flicker-free LED dimming power supply with constant voltage output, which lowers the chance to panic animals towards the changes in environmental light and improves their growing or egg-laying rates. In addition to poultry lighting applications, the flicker-free design is also suitable for areas that have higher requirements for light flicker, such as photography studios, reading spaces, high-end boutiques, and other places that have higher demands for lighting quality.

Generally speaking, the lighting industry uses 0-10V dimmable drivers and combined with a lighting control system for dimming. MEAN WELL currently offers three kinds of wattages for agricultural lighting products, customers can have more selection according to their site requirements. Also, DALI digital lighting control can be combined with MEAN WELL's DLC-02, DAP-04 for the lighting's process control or for different scenario settings if the customers have more flexible and digital intelligent agricultural lighting needs.

Agricultural Lighting Power Supplies

Series Output Voltage Wattage Casing Grounding Protection Dimming Type
NPF-200V 12/24/36/48V 200W Plastic Class ll

3 in 1

XLG-240-48-ABV 48V 240W Metal Class l
XLG-320-48-ABV 48V 320W Metal Class l

Ways of Dimming Output Voltage Level