Product Change Notice: RCM / BSMI / BIS / KC / PSE Certification Updated

Product Strategy Center/Frank Chen

In order to meet the needs of customers and to provide the fully certified products, MEAN WELL has applied the certifications of RCM, BSMI, BIS, KC, and PSE for a series of models. By doing so, it would not only save a significant cost of the certifications but also help the users to avoid the rigmaroles. Additionally, MEAN WELL would also remove the certificate labels on some models that the certifications have been expired and will not be renewed (Details in the table below).
The selling prices remained unchanged but please be aware that there will be a transitional period between the old and new versions. if you have any questions or concerns regarding of this matter, please refer to the latest specification on MEAN WELL's website or contact MEAN WELL's representative for further details.

  Series   Description   Implementation Date
  NPB-120/240/360   Add RCM   2022.03
  HLN-40H/60H/80H   Remove RCM   2022.05
  HLG-60H-C   Remove RCM   2022.05
  LRS-450/600   Add BSMI   2022.06
  GST360A   Add BIS   2022.06
  HLG-80H   Add RCM   2022.06
  NDR-480-24   Add BIS   2022.06
  RSP-150/320   Add BIS   2022.06
  OWA-60E/90E/120E/200E   Remove UKCA   2022.08
  GSM18E/25E/36E   Remove UKCA   2022.08
  NDR-240-48   Add KC/RRA   2022.08
  XLG-20   Add BIS/KC/RCM/PSE   2022.08
  XLG-320   Add BIS/KC   2022.09
  PWM-200/200KN   Add BIS   2022.09
  RD-125   Add BIS   2022.09
  LRS-450   Add BIS   2022.11
  LRS-600   Add BIS   2023.01
  TDR-240/480、WDR-120   Add BIS   2023.01
  MDR-10/20/60   Add BIS   2023.02
  ENC/ENP-360   Add BIS   2023.03
  LRS-75   Add KC   2023.03
  APC-25/35   Add BIS   2023.03
  RD/RT-50   Add BIS   2023.04
  APV-25/35   Add BIS   Est. 2023.05
  LRS-450/600   Add KC   Est. 2023.05
  HLG-100H/120H/150H/185H   Add RRA   Est. 2023.05
  SDR-960   Add RRA   Est. 2023.05
  partial models
  (Check specifications for detail)
  Add PSE/KC   Est. 2023.06

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