MEAN WELL Intellectual Property Right Announcement

Date: 2019.11.19
1.     MEAN WELL has enthusiasm as being pioneer in global standard power supply, and never hesitates over brand protection, so Intellectual Property development has been integral part of management to MEAN WELL, and several legal actions were taken for ruling out IP right infringement. By the IP right announcement in 2018, MEAN WELL has demonstrated the determination on guarding Intellectual Property, because it is the leverage of protection not only to the market, but also to consumers, hence, the necessary legal action to any breach of IP right is promised and would never be delayed.
2.     Regarding various types of infringers on e-commerce, such as free riding on MEAN WELL trademark, directly copying MEAN WELL trademark, or other taking advantage on trademark right owner, MEAN WELL did collect information, took action regularly, such as take down notice, and carried out significant out-come. More than 500 links are terminated, and approximately 20 on-line shops in China are aborted.
3.     There was dispute in terms of unfair competition over use of name, “明緯”, and MEAN WELL has won both first trial and the appeal trial in Guangzhou, please refer to attachments, court has proven that MEAN WELL holds right to use of name “明緯”. There is no tolerance to infringers who breach market fairness, or steal IP right from owners. Once the infringement is discovered and confirmed, whether it is unfair competition, trademark or other IP right, MEAN WELL would take legal action relentlessly, until the right holder finds the peace.
4.     While there are still some potential infringement in the market, MEAN WELL here plea: stop, and behave properly, otherwise, litigation will be the only visitor.

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