MEAN WELL Power Supplies won the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award!

By: Rio Lai/Marketing Specialist
The 28th “Taiwan Excellence Selection” was executed by the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. This year, a total of 418 products won the honor of Taiwan Excellence Award. Each one was able to stand out after undergoing a rigorous evaluation based on the five aspects of ‘Research and Development’, ‘Design’, ‘Quality’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Made in Taiwan’ as determined by 140 judges.
After nearly few months of intensive discussions, R&D project engineers and product and marketing team co-worked for preparing the necessary documents as well as introduction videos for the on-spot evaluation.
Finally, MEAN WELL had two of its products receive the special honor of winning the Taiwan Excellence Award 2020: PHP-3500 Industrial-grade Water-cooling Intelligent Power Supply and HEP-1000 Harsh-environment-proof Intelligent Power Supply.