3% Stimulation Plan Rebate : Check Our Result in October Together

As the global economy is still affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the demands in various industries remain sluggish. The leader of standard power supply, MEAN WELL, upholding the concept of“having good intentions, caring about our partners, providing the power of stability and assisting industry recovery, launched a “ 3% Stimulation Plan” and called on all global partners to join. Happily, the plan has received a widely positive response.
Thanks to robust support from MEAN WELL partners, the plan starts to work in the upstream and downstream supply chains. Distributors and customers responded enthusiastically. By the end of October, MEAN WELL has set aside USD 2.48 million rebate for the industry recovery fund. Part of the amount has been directly returned to customers and distributors, and the remaining balance will be donated to the local charity by branches.
This“ 3% Stimulation Plan” is expected to end on December 31th (based on a shipment date, but considering annual inventory and custom clearance date, earlier termination is possible). Partners, who have not participated, seize your time. Also, because of the keen engagement, all three factories capacity is currently loaded. Delivery of orders submitted after November 25th will likely not be able to be complete before the end of the year. Please plan and place orders ahead! The cumulative amount of the rebate will be announced every month on MEAN WELL official website, and the details of deductions and donations will be announced on the official website by the MEAN WELL Foundation in February 2021.

MEAN WELL is ready, and MEAN WELL can help!!