PowerNex|DJM / FT Series: 12V/38~150AH Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Product Strategy Center / Frank Chen

MEAN WELL, the global leader in standard power supplies, has been engaged in standard power supplies for 42 years and has a broad and complete product line. To meet customers' one-stop shopping needs, PowerNex, one of the SDG Group companies, continues to expand its power supply peripheral components. Not only is the range of power peripherals becoming more complete, but it also leverages the power of the industry value network, collaborating with the well-known battery manufacturer LEOCH International to sell. The first batch of DJM and FT series VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries are now on the market.

The major differences between the DJM and FT series lie in their sizes and usage scenarios, as detailed in the following table:

  • Multi-layer designed, prevent leakage
  • Reliable exhaust venting valve design, will not ignite or explode internally when exposed to open flames during charging
  • Maintenance-free, no need to replenish electrolytes during use
  • Low self-discharge, ≤3%/month @ Ta=25℃
  • Operating temperature for charging and discharging -20~+55℃ (Refer to specifications for details)
  • DJM series is suitable for industrial use, FT series narrow width dimensions suitable for 19" or 23" cabinets in communication rooms
  • Certified by UL1989 / CE
  • 3 years warranty




Model  Photo Spec. Dimension
12V/38AH 197*165*170 mm

12V/65AH 348*167*178 mm

12V/100AH 330*173*212 mm

12V/40AH 277*106*222 mm

12V/100AH 394*110*285 mm

12V/150AH 551*110*288 mm