GSV30/60 Series:30W & 60W Wall-Mount Type LED Power Supply

By: Rex Lin/Product Manager

After years of development, LED lighting has become more complete and diversified in its applications, which have demonstrated the advantages of LED lighting, such as long life, miniaturization, and controllability with adjustable colors. To provide customers with more convenience, MEANWELL has developed the GSV30 and GSV60 series wall-mount type LED power supply. It is easy to use with a variety of indoor LED decorative or lighting applications, and the adapter casing design easily integrates with most commercial decorative lighting, and provides DIY use in the retail market.

The GSV30E/60E series are constant voltage output with the European standard AC plug adapter, comply with Class II and SELV with double insulation design, mainly in line with the European EN61347 and EN61000-3-2 Harmonic Class C lighting regulations. There are three available output voltages of 12V/24V and 48V. This adapter can be directly used with LED light strips or used with any PWM or RGB dimming controllers. In addition, the adapter also provides an interchangeable version of the GSV30I/60I series, which is convenient for customers to sell with LED products in different countries.

In addition to meeting the above EU safety requirements, the wall-mount adapter design is highly convenient for customers to use directly in indoor AC sockets, to improve aesthetics and safe usage. The product also has related safety protection features, such as output over voltage/over load and short circuit protection. It is suitable for use with a variety of indoor decorative lighting/LED strip or portable luminaires. MEAN WELL can also provide different output wire modification services. Please contact your MEAN WELL sales representative, if you have any modification needs.

  • Input range 180~264V AC with PFC
  • Class II and SELV with double insulation
  • Meet EN 61347 and Harmonic Class C regulations
  • Meet EU ErP regulation and no load < 0.5W
  • Protections: Short Circuit/Over Voltage/Over Load
  • Constant Voltage mode design
  • 3 years warranty


    GSV30 Series   GSV60 Series