Product Upgrade Notice: No More Minimum Load Limit & 62368-1 standard replacement For G3 Family

By Benson Guo/Product Manager

Since the launch of the G3 family (RS, RD, RID, RT, and RQ series), it has been the first choice for multi-output models due to its high CP values. There was a minimum load limit for the multiple sets of output models, which is a common specification. However, to fulfill more application demands, the optimization this time brings more opportunities to the G3 Series.
By reducing the minimum load of multiple output products to 0 (Figure 1), the occasion that the unstable output voltage occurred when no load is used only happens in the past. Also, another optimization is the proportion of automatic processing is increased. The DIP parts of the products are changed into SMD processing (Figure 2). The internal components of RS-25 series are changed from the original screw locking method to the upper and lower case locking method. (Figure 3)In addition, the G3 family will replace the Information Technology Equipment safety regulation with IEC62368-1 by the end of July in 2019.
The following standard product series (Figure 4) are upgraded to the new version after the production dated 2019/06/04(production lot.: Y1906D). MEAN WELL fully takes in any relevant cost, making no adjustment on the pricing. Should there be any questions, please refer to the updated specification on the website or contact MEAN WELL sales representatives.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Figure 3.

 Revised Models  Upgraded Date  Lot. No.
 RS-15/25  2019/6/4  Y1906D
 RS-35  2019/7/16  Y1908D
 RS-75  2019/8/6  Y1910B
 RS-100/150-12/24  2019/8/6  Y1908D
 RD-35  2019/8/6  Y1909B
 RS-100/150-3.3/5/15/48  2019/8/6  Y1909B
 RD/RID/RT/RQ-50  2019/8/6  Y1909B
 RD/RID/RT/RQ-65  2019/8/6  Y1909B
 RD/RID/RT/RQ-85  2019/8/6  Y1909B
 RD/RID/RT/RQ-125  2019/8/6  Y1909B

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