Media Release (DIGITIMES):MEAN WELL introduces 3+N System Solutions - first focusing on smart lighting control

By: Yvonne Chen/Brand Center

Release Date:2022/05/31

MEAN WELL is a global leading standard power supply manufacturer. Since its establishment in 1982, MEAN WELL has launched more than 10,000 power supply products. Its diverse and comprehensive product range fully satisfies the power supply needs of customers around the world. However, some customers require products that can be integrated with existing ones, and that offer smart control integration capabilities. System planning for smart control functions is difficult, so customers must rely on the technical capabilities of manufacturers. To solve this problem, MEAN WELL recently released the 3+N System Solutions, which is the first wave of solutions that focuses on the DALI digital lighting system.

 The "3" in 3+N System Solutions refers to the rack power supply, modular power supply, and system power supply; while the "N" stands for other MEAN WELL products and controllers. Under the 3+N solution framework, MEAN WELL combined a set of system solutions according to customer needs to provide the corresponding power supply combinations.