SDG Group held the New Product & Application Seminar, creating SDG Industry Value Network

By: Yvonne Chen/Brand Center

After a two-year hiatus, MEAN WELL Group with POWERNEX PRECISION, a subsidiary of POWERNEX, took place the New Product & Application seminar on the 30th of September at Wugu HQ. This year we invited POWERNEX PRECISION's suppliers, DECA and RiKO, to demonstrate the new power supply components. Hundreds of Chinese and overseas partners joined the new product launch on air.

Opening by SDG Group founder Jerry Lin shared the intention of creating the SDG Group, including MEAN WELL, SHARE WELL, and POWERNEX. Due to the epidemic and unstable international political economy in the last three years, we aim to achieve sustainable development goals by working with our reliable partners. Group Product Strategy Center & CEO of Greater China Alex Tsai emphasized the importance of creating the "SDG Industry Value Network" and announced that SDG Group would devote itself to promoting the market economy with sustainable development. SDG Group expects to share the resource with partners to create a better future.

In the morning session, MEAN WELL product managers and technical service engineers presented the new products and applications. For the afternoon session, POWERNEX PRECISION with its' suppliers, DECA and RiKO co-promote one-stop power supply components and SHARE WELL Automation introduces the standard production line automation equipment. In the final session, the Group Chief Sustainability Officer & POWERNEX MANAGEMENT CONSULTING(PMC) General Manager Patrick Wang presented the service of PMC to discover the various applications of SHARE+ and APP and Group Brand Center Yvonne Chen introduced the SDG Membership Program.

After the meeting, many partners continued the discussion. We also arranged Jerry's birthday party celebration with the song My Way playing in the background, and Jerry made the birthday wish of heading to the sales target of $2 billion by 2024! SDG Group expects to strive for excellence and create a better future with employees and partners!