MEAN WELL test laboratories are accredited by UL/TUV/DEKRA

Leading brand of standard power supply manufacturer-MEAN WELL, has announced recently its test laboratories located in headquarters, Taiwan and in Huadu, Guangzhou, are accredited by UL/TUV/DEKRA respectively.  Taiwan Laboratory has taken the lead in obtaining the qualification of UL62368-CTDP (Client Test Data Program) that will replace the original IEC60950 in 2020, which means that the products developed by MEAN WELL will be able to submit the data directly after internal testing, and then having the formal certifications issued by UL.  Additionally, Taiwan Lab has also successfully acquired TUV EN62368 and CTF STAGE 1 of LED standard EN61347 qualification, which represents that MEAN WELL has been officially authorized by TUV to perform internal testing of ITE / LED standards, which will significantly speed up the time to the market of MEAN WELL products.

In addition, the Guangzhou Accreditation Laboratory officially opened in Huadu in October 2016 also brought good news one after another. Since August this year, Dekra-EN61347-CTF STAGE 1 certificate and UL-UL60950-WTDP certificate have been successively obtained , TUV-EN60950-CTF STAGE 1 certificate and TUV-EN61347-CTF STAGE 1 certificate and many other qualifications, in addition to meet the needs of customer system certification, but also to ensure that products in the design phase of the quality requirements!