Rack Power Supply Application

By: Willard Wu/Technical Service Center

With the advancement of technology, cloud services are becoming more and more extensive, and a large demand for servers is projected as a result. As illustrated in Figure 1, server categories can be broadly divided based on their appearance into pedestal servers, rack servers, and blade servers. The power supply, on the other hand, is an essential component of the server system. MEAN WELL's rack type power supply is an ideal solution for powering the rack server. The size of the chassis is the same, and the installation and expansion are very user-friendly.

Figure 1, Server Category

In general, the environment of server power supply is not harsh, but the rack-type power supply developed by MEAN WELL is designed with industrial grade and thus is ideal for environment with a wide range of ambient temperatures. With parallel function, it is suitable for high-wattage centralized power supply. In addition, certain models are built-in with communication functions and are suitable for intelligent systems.

Three cases are listed to share.
First Case
As shown in Figure 2, this is an access control central control system. RCB-1600-12 and RHP-1U are selected to perform an uninterruptible power system with batteries. When there is AC power, the RCB-1600-12 charges the battery and supplies power to the access control system, but when the AC power is off, the battery will take in charge of supplying power to the system.

Figure 2.  Access Control System with Uninterruptible Power System

Second Case
As shown in Figure 3, this is the centralized power supply of a monitoring system. RCP-1000-12 and RCP-1U are selected to supply power to the entire monitoring system.

Figure 3. Centralized Power Supply of Monitoring System

Third Case
As shown in Figure 4, this is a centralized power system. CMU2C-R-C## works with DRP-3200-48CAN to provide power management solution and 128KW DC power to RF amplifier.  

Figure 4. Centralized power system

You will find the current MEAN WELL's rack power supplies, cabinets and controllers in the following table. With the information of maximum integrated output power, users can select the best combination according to the system conditions.

Besides examples mentioned above, rack type power supplies are most commonly utilized in high-power centralized power supply applications, such as signal amplifiers, large charging stations, logistics equipment, industrial heating equipment, sewage treatment equipment, etc. Shall you have any demands or queries regarding rack type power supply application, you are more than welcome to discuss with MEAN WELL's experienced technical team. We will provide power products and control solutions based on your specifications.

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