Intelligent Security Power-DRS Series

By: Nan Cheng/ Technical Service Center

With the continuous development of society, various types of electrical equipment and the expansion of high-rise buildings where large crowds gather have increased rapidly. Fire safety is always the priority to concern when constructing and maintaining all buildings, especially skyscrapers. More and more new buildings are incorporating smart fire protection systems, which typically consist of two components: an automatic fire alarm system and a fire extinguishing system. The functional operation of the fire alarm system relies on: the security power supply.
MEAN WELL announced a new DIN rail type all-in-one intelligent security power supply, DRS series. The most attractive feature of DRS-240/480 is the multi-functional integration, which includes AC-DC power supply, battery charger, DC-UPS and communication monitor in a single compact package. DRS series can monitor the status of the power supply system in real-time and remind users about the abnormality in various ways, which greatly decreases the pressure on the staff and reduces maintenance costs. Furthermore, this minimizes the troubleshooting time of equipment and improves the reliability of the power supply system.

DRS series models are available in 12/24/36/48V voltage configurations to accommodate a variety of security system applications. It can also provide Form-C relay and LED indicator light alarm signals, allowing operators to quickly determine the cause of power supply system failure. The data exchange between the customer's general control system and the security power supply can be realized via MODBus or CANBus communication, and various alarm information can be seen at a glance, further expanding the product's smart application scenarios. To cope with various extreme conditions, the UPS backup function not only supports automatic switching to the battery power supply after the AC grid is disconnected, but it can also be forced to be powered by the battery via the built-in forced start function when the AC grid is not connected. The SBP-001 smart programmer or the built-in communication protocol, which is compatible with various lead-acid and lithium-ion battery charging applications, can be utilized to adjust the battery charging curve. 

Case Study: DRS's adaptability allows it to be integrated into a wide range of security and fire protection systems. The security system power distribution cabinet shown below is composed of the DRS-480-24 power supply, backup battery pack and alarm control module. DRS series products are used to replace the traditional power distribution cabinet design, which can greatly reduce distribution cabinet space and simplify wiring, making on-site installation and debugging easier.

Figure 1 24V Fire Alarm System Control Cabinet

Aside from being adequate for fire alarm control systems, the DRS series can provide power supply for emergency lighting systems, ensuring the necessary lighting inside buildings in emergency situations.

Figure 2 Emergency Lighting Power System

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