Setting NPB Intelligent Chargers to Automatic Charging Mode or PSU Mode (Part 2)

Technical Service Center / Willard Wu
In keeping with the previous article, this one will present the NPB intelligent charger's distinctive intelligent voltage detection charging mode. MEAN WELL has filed a patent application for the NPB intelligent charger, which has the ability to charge battery with various charging requirements.  Take NPB-450-72 as an example, its charging range is 54V ~ 100Vdc.When it is set to the intelligent voltage detection mode, it can charge whether it is a brand A battery with a charging voltage of 68V or a brand B C-type battery with a charging voltage of 80V.The only requirement for such a potent function is that the battery has a built-in BMS function.
Intelligent voltage detection determines the internal resistance of the battery and the transient voltage differences (dv/dt slope) using two distinct charging currents. The charger must cease charging when the slope of these two parameters turns positive. Detailed setting procedure is explained in the linked article.
MEAN WELL NPB series ranging from 450W to 1700W,  provides Intelligent pressure detection function. NPB series can be used to charge the batteries of various brands of unicycles, electric remote control vehicles, etc. For product information, please contact our authorized distributors and local representatives for professional support from MEAN WELL.