MEAN WELL Smart Home Application (1) - Matter Wireless Solution

Product Strategy Center / Rex Lin


Due to the use of various wireless communications in home automation, most manufacturers employ their own ecosystem platforms and hardware devices. This has resulted in product compatibility and interoperability issues, making users less flexible and requiring higher maintenance costs. Therefore, if we expect the future smart home to become simpler and more widespread, we must adopt a standard communication interface that is easy for everyone to integrate. This way, all software control platforms and manufacturers can collaborate in product development, lowering the entry barrier for consumers to embrace and use such technologies.

MEAN WELL has been deeply involved in the LED lighting field for years. Recently, we have also transformed and started to provide lighting solutions, such as KNX or DALI-2 lighting systems through wires, which are well-established standard communication interfaces in the lighting industry. System integrators or users only need to purchase KNX or DALI certified products for easy integration and can use them without compatibility issues. To provide customers with a wireless lighting solution, MEAN WELL has chosen to adopt the technical standards defined by the CSA alliance; Currently, major manufacturers including Apple, Amazon, and Google have developed peripheral products that comply with the new wireless Matter interface. MEAN WELL is integrating the Matter interface into the upcoming products, the XLN/XLC Series, set to be launched in January 2024. This integration allows wireless smart home control through Apple HomePod speakers and Home Kit software, coupled with XLC LED drivers (for lighting fixtures), motorized curtains, cameras, air conditioning switches, and TV switches. This combination creates a wireless Matter smart home ecosystem, allowing users to set various scenes. For more details, please watch the video introduction below.

In the future, MEAN WELL plans to offer more wired/wireless smart home control solutions by collaborating with various peripheral manufacturers, thereby further perfecting the integration of smart home solutions. This aims to make smart home applications more widespread among consumers, enhance overall energy-saving benefits through practical smart controls, and strengthen the user experience with digital lighting and digital control. Additionally, stay tuned for MEAN WELL's upcoming LED driver: XLN/XLC Series, encompassing various dimming control methods such as 0-10V / DALI-2 / KNX / Casambi / Matter, and more. If you are interested in MEAN WELL smart home solutions, please contact the MEAN WELL sales team. 

The Demonstration Video of Smart Home Solution by Matter Wireless:


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