Letter from SDG Group CSO to Global Partners

Dear partners,

The SDG Group has been facing its most significant challenges since its inception due to factors such as U.S.-China tensions, high global high interest rates, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which have led to issues related to energy, inflation, and disrupted supply chains. The SDG Group has initiated a series of sustainable development plans across four major dimensions: corporate governance, corporate commitments, social engagement, and environmental sustainability. These efforts are aimed at promoting corporate sustainability and industry recovery.

  • In terms of corporate governance, the SDG Group operates its headquarters in a quasi-publicly traded format to enhance the transparency and efficiency of corporate governance on a global scale.
  • In corporate commitments, the SDG Group is establishing global power supply standardization and an SDG Industry Value Network. Simultaneously, we have set up a Founder's Charitable Trust to commit to contributing more value to society and the environment.
  • Regarding social engagement, the SDG Group has established the SDG Academy, developed the Share+ APP, and expanded the MEAN WELL Public Welfare Fund to strengthen the construction of community welfare centers.
  • In environmental sustainability, the SDG Group is committed to product certification, improving energy efficiency, and promoting sustainability activities to contribute to environmental sustainability positively.

Key milestones:

1. In February 2022, established the SDG College(Link) and promoted the ESG plan, along with the development of the SDG Sustainable Development Website. (Link)
2. In January 2023, the promotion of the sharing economy through the SDG Share+ APP with over 10,000 members and the SDG Industry Value Network with 100+ ESG corporate. (Link)
3. In February 2023, actively promoted global power supply standardization and established 12 online product exhibition halls. (Link)
4. In April 2023, the release of the SDG Group Sustainability Report, implementation of greenhouse gas inventories, and product carbon footprint calculations, promoting carbon reduction actions for businesses and partners.
5. In June 2023, the initiation of a program to promote "industry recovery" to help partners and the industry recover. (Link)
6. In June 2023, Pope Francis received an SDG Group visit and called for world peace. (Link)
7. In July 2023, the SDG introduced the SDG Sustainable Development Porcelain Plate, symbolizing the guardianship of a better planet and the transmission of sustainable beliefs from generation to generation.
8. In July 2023, the SDG Group established an Industry Value Network to create a second growth curve. (Link)

In the post-pandemic era, SDG Group firmly believes that corporate transformation management can be achieved by leveraging computerization and technology accelerators, which will lead the company towards sustainable growth and excellence. The SDG Group's corporate sustainability plan is committed to driving sustainable development and guiding businesses in a socially responsible and sustainable direction.

Patrick Wang
Chief Sustainability Officer