Enhancing Global Localization of Technical Services

Dear partners,
MEAN WELL, as a global leader in standard power, operates globally, with products developed in Location A, manufactured in Location B, and sold with technical services in Location C. Our technical service personnel worldwide uphold the SDG group philosophy, forming a network of technical services in collaboration with global distributors. We provide local customers with cost-effective, high-value, and high-value-added product application solutions and efficient technical value services.

Our global technical service team adheres to initiative, interaction, and driving principles. Proactively working with business and distributor partners to approach customers, we promote 3+N high-value-added product applications, offering the best combination of power solutions (Best Solution). This comprehensive service accumulates trust and good customer interactions, leading to more collaboration opportunities. The team is committed to continuously improving comprehensive technical value services for customers in product application's early, middle, and late stages.

To enhance the global localization of technical services, we will continue to promote the following:
  • Strengthening cooperation and accountability of global technical service team members: 
  1. Outward focus on technical value services: Global technical service personnel serve as professional power solution providers, combining SDG group ESG enterprises PowerNex Precision(Link), SHAREWELL Certification(Link) to offer customers one-stop power solutions and system integration services, assisting with power challenges and safety/EMC verification services at various stages of product design, providing a total solution.
  2. Inward focus on technical service capabilities: Emphasis on education and training (including product application professional courses) and promotion of product functionality applications to enhance the professional abilities of relevant personnel.
  • Promoting online exhibition halls (Link) to enhance 3+N product applications (Link) and localized VAC technical value services:
  1. Expanding the online exhibition halls for various product categories to help customers better understand product functionalities and provide product application solutions in conjunction with 3+N product consultation forms to accelerate product application services.
  2. Strengthening localized VAC technical value services (system assembly, system EMC) to provide local assembly, testing, rapid customer application verification, and problem-solving based on local customer application requirements.
  • Expanding the "Industry Value Network" by combining the products of the PowerNex and the SHAREWELL to provide a one-stop standard power solution and create a second growth curve. (Link)
  • Establishing a technical service alliance team in the East Asian region to enhance the localization of technical value services and quality in China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. 

To our global technical service team partners, I encourage you to provide faster and more satisfying products and application services to customers globally while acting locally. Let's work together to continuously enhance the global localization of technical value services and sustainable brand development!

Eris Wu 
Chief Technical Services Officer