Productos descontinuados

Providing the standard power supplies and services with the best cost-effectiveness are MEAN WELL’s corporate mission. In order to comply with global regulations and new energy consumption standards, the concept of energy-saving and green design for power supplies is constantly evolving. MEAN WELL is also actively developing corresponding new products in response to these trends.

When the current generation of products enter the recession phase, it means that they will be replaced by the new generation of superior products. We hope to gradually phase out these models in steps, allowing high-cost-effective products to be smoothly adopted by customers and providing customers with ample preparation time. The following is a list of products that will soon be “Discontinued”, including models that are not recommended for new designs and have extended lead times. For a more detailed explanation of lead times, please refer to the definitions below.

Shall you have any questions, please feel free to contact MEAN WELL sales representatives.

*Lead time (days):
1.   NRND (Not Recommended for New Design) : The lead time remains normal, but these models may enter the EOL (End of Life) phase after 6~18 months.
2.   60 days : The lead time is 60 days. Consolidated orders with available inventory can be delivered in advance.
3.   90 days : The lead time is 90 days. After receiving the order, consolidated orders will be processed based on production conditions. If there is available inventory, early delivery is possible.
4.   Last Buy Order (90 days) : The lead time is 90 days. For products classified as “Last Buy”, orders must meet the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements and be shipped within 180 days after the Last Buy date. Early delivery is possible if there is available inventory. After receiving the order, consolidated orders will be processed, and the final production date is set for 2024/06/30.
5.   MEAN WELL group reserves the right for early delivery.
       Last Buy Order : products with last buy condition have to meet the MOQ requirement and the shipment will have been finished in 180 days since the last buy date.
Product Strategy Center / Alex Tsai

2023.12.29 update
Model / Series Lead Time Replacement Series Remark
QP-200 NRND QP-320 Driver IC phase out
GS05/06E,U NRND NGE12E,U *Better cost-performance products recommended
SGAS06/15/60 A/B/E,U
NRND NGE12/18/30/45/65E,U
*Better cost-performance products recommended
NRND NGE12/18/30/45I
*Better cost-performance products recommended
NRND NGE12/18/30/45/65I
*Better cost-performance products recommended
GSM06/12/60E,U NRND NGE12/65E,U *Better cost-performance products recommended
SKM30 NRND SKM30-N *Better cost-performance products recommended
HSN-300 NRND LRS-350 *Better cost-performance products recommended
NMS-240, NMD-240
*Better cost-performance products recommended
PS-05 NRND EPS-15/IRM-05 Driver IC phase out
DRP-3200 60 days NCP-3200 *Better cost-performance products recommended
60 days LPF-40/60/90
Driver IC phase out
SMT01 90 days N/A MOQ: 200 pcs/lot
90 days LCM-25/40/60
Driver IC phase out
SE-450/600 90 days LRS-450/600 *Better cost-performance products recommended
DR-UPS40 90 days DUPS20/40 *Better cost-performance products recommended
TS-1500/3000 Last buy Order
(90 days)
NTS-1700/ 2200/ 3200 *Better cost-performance products recommended
PLP-45 Last buy Order
(90 days)
LCM-40/60, PLP-60
Driver IC phase out
Note: Orders for models with MOQ requirement can only be accepted in multiples of 100pcs