Product Notice: DLC-02 / DLC-02-KN Products Upgrade Notice

By: Rex Lin / Product Manager


With the continuous expansion of the DALI Association for the IEC62386 digital addressable lighting function, the DALI-2 digital lighting function tends to be complete. These include the extended function, the DT8 (Device Type 8) application, with tunable white and full color tunable (RGBW). Aiming to improve the user experience, MEAN WELL has upgraded the DT8 function to the DLC-02, which was launched last year, allowing customers to use together with various constant voltage or constant current LED drivers that meet the DT8 function and other applications.

DLC-02 is a multi-master device based on DALI-2 digital lighting system, including two series of products, DLC-02 (DALI-2 controller) and DLC-02-KN (KNX  to DALI gateway). With this upgrade, DLC-02 can be used with DT6 and DT8 LED drivers (Control gear). It can well integrate DALI input devices (Dimmer or Sensor) suitable for lighting applications in any indoor area. Another product, DLC-02-KN, is a KNX to DALI gateway. This series is also upgraded with the DT8 function, allowing users to make settings on the KNX ETS software, and operate with the KNX input device for color temperature, full color, and brightness control. Through DLC-02-KN, it can easily integrate the DALI lighting system into a KNX building automation system, making the entire building automation more completed and digitized.

Please download the firmware and software according to the following link to upgrade the functions of DT8.
1. DLC-02 Controller MCU firmware upgrade:
2. DLC-02 Setting software upgrade:
3. DLC-02 User manual update:
4. DLC-02-KN Gateway firmware upgrade:

If you have any questions about setting or application, please contact MEAN WELL sales.


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