Capacity Lead Time Announcement

By: Ted Cheng/MEAN WELL Group CEO of Overseas
Dear Partners,

Thank you for your support and promotion of MEAN WELL brand and products!

During the epidemic period, MEAN WELL has managed to maintain a stabilize balance between production and sales based on the concept of “having good intentions, caring for our partners, providing the power of stability and assisting on industry recovery”, and to continue provide on-time delivery to customer. In the past two years, MEAN WELL has gradually getting back to stable supply and recovery, with the cooperation and support from our partners. Our new anti-epidemic recovery policies also proposed policies on normal epidemic prevention and recovery strategies.
As previously informed, MEAN WELL has increased the selling price by 10% for new customers since November 1, 2021, while the old customers have been postponed to January 1, 2022, which will take effect according to the new price list (resulting order dramatically increased in Nov and Dec). MEAN WELL expects that 80% of the cumulative increase in materials settled by December 16, 2021 will be used as the basis for the new price adjustment. Currently, the supply situation is still tight. MEAN WELL not only has continuedly to deal with the shortage of materials, strengthen the control of the supply chain and looking for 2nd source, but also continuously to implement half year 0.8~1.2 times order control. All sales will be carefully evaluated and monitoring the delivery date.
At present, the output capacity of all the factories is USD 120M/month. When order amount is full in that month, all new orders will be automatically rearranged to the following month. According to the current order receiving status, the production capacity is nearly full by the end of April 2022, so the current production lead time will be adjusted to 135 days. In order to support “Lead Time Guarantee Program”, the lead time of the approved project with deposit will be shortened to 60 days from now on, so as to support the smooth progress of customer’s important project. The future delivery plan is as attached.
As the epidemic situation is gradually under controlled and the shortage of materials can be alleviated, the most important task of MEAN WELL at this moment is to gradually restore the normal delivery date and stabilize the supply. Partners are also requested to adjust the delivery date to clients simultaneously, so that various industries will gradually back to the normal supply.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact your sales window.
MEAN WELL Enterprises Co., Ltd.
CEO of Greater China:    Alex Tsai
CEO of Overseas:           Ted Cheng