CMU2 Series: Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller

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By: Simon Kuo / Product Manager

Over the past six months, soaring energy prices have been constantly in the news. Whatever the real cause, one thing for sure is that the Earth’s natural resources are limited. In response, the United Nations has proposed 17 Sustainable Development Goals, one of which is “Affordable and clean energy”. This goal shares the same vision with MEAN WELL, which is the leader of standard power supplies So, in 2021, 9 of the United Nations sustainable development goals have been integrated into the group blueprint for sustainable business development for enterprises. Since its inception, in addition to continuously improving the efficiency and completeness of its product line, MEAN WELL has also been committed to the intelligence, digitalization and user-friendliness of the interface. It has been more than a decade since MEAN WELL announced its first generation smart controller RCP-MU, to its second-generation controller CMU1 with LCD. Now, this year, MEAN WELL is proud to announce its 3rd generation of multi-industry general-purpose smart controller — CMU2.

MEAN WELL's CMU2 is used to control the system power, and the composition of the system power is a combination of several power supplies. The system power combined by MEAN WELL products can be used in high power consumption applications, such as industrial applications, water treatment, EV charging, electronic product aging systems, UV curing, horticulture lighting, laser... etc. When customers have such high-power requirements, they usually configure the power supply in a centralized manner to facilitate management. This is moment for CMU2 to play a role. In order to realize the digitization and intelligence of control, MEAN WELL's third-generation multi-industry general-purpose intelligent controller CMU2 has built-in rich software and firmware, which can be used with the power supply DRP-3200 series to realize power management for Industrial applications. (Link) In addition, when accompany with the burn-in product ERG-5000/ERS-1400 with energy recycle function to achieve low energy consumption aging operation (Link).


 To fit all forms of installation, CMU2 comes in 2 versions, standalone and rack mount type. And both are design with rich software and firmware to fulfill all application requirements, such as voltage and current adjustment, wattage monitoring, data log under power management usage. Or burn-in time, load setting for burn-in system usage. All these efforts are made to achieve a friendly and smart interface for users.
CMU2 also equip with touch panel and PMBus, CANbus, Modbus TCP communication protocols to enhance local or wireless operation.

Thank to the function variety of CMU2, MEAN WELL specially made a CMU2 exhibition kit that can be purchased, to help end users to understand and get familiar with CMU2 instantly. A video of demonstration is available as well: Link. The multi-industry general purpose smart controller CMU2 that MEAN WELL announce is only just the begging of system power solutions, if you do have related demand of CMU2, please contact MEAN WELL personals.


  • Integration on system power
  • 2 models in 3U 19-inch rackmount and standalone configurations
  • 7" touch Panel and buttons for easy on-site operation
  • Ethernet port for on-site or remote monitor and control over the system
  • Selectable PMBus, CANbus, RS-485, and RS-232 communication protocols
  • Support Data/ Event log with date and time
  • Support max. 32G SDHC SD card
  • Four user programmable relay outputs for conventional remote monitoring or warning
  • Web-based monitor/control UI provided for various applications
  • 5 years warranty

CMU2 Series