DDRH-15/30/45 Series:15W & 30W & 45W Ultra-Wide 150~1500 Vdc Input DC-DC Converter

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Product Strategy Center /Frank Chen

Following the 60~300W DDRH-60/120/240, RSDH-150/300 and other series (details in the table below), Now we are launching a new ultra-wide 150~1500 Vdc high voltage input DC-DC small wattage converter: DDRH-15/30/45 series. 
The key features of DDRH-15/30/45 series include: Multi-installation selectable (PCB Mounting Type, Screw Terminal Type, DIN Rail Type), 150~1500 Vdc ultra-wide voltage input, -40~+80℃ wide temperature operation, 4K Vac high isolation input/output protection, suitable for high altitude up to 5,000 meters, passed IEC62109-1 photovoltaic certification; it can be widely used in photovoltaics, energy storage, charging piles or any HV-LV conversion related equipment and systems.


  • Dimensions (L x D x H): 
  • Multi-installation selectable: PCB Mounting, Screw Terminal, DIN Rail
  • 150~1500 Vdc ultra-wide input voltage
  • 4K Vac I/O isolation
  • Free air convection; can be applied to various installation occasions while operating between
  • -40~+80℃ (Derating when > +50℃)
  • Protections
    Input: Undervoltage, Reverse Polarity (No Damage)
    Output: Short Circuit, Overload, Over Voltage
  • Approvals: CE/UKCA (IEC 62109-1), EAC
  • 3 years warranty


DDRH-15 Series                   DDRH-30 Series                   DDRH-45 Series