SKMW06/DKMW06 Series 6W 1〞x 1 〞Wide Range Input Isolated DC/DC Converter

By: Frank Chen/ Product Manager

Since release, MEAN WELL 10W/15W/20W/30W 1”x 1” wide range input DC/DC converters received widely positive feedback from the market. In order to fulfill lower power requirements for 1”x1” converters, MEAN WELL is releasing the 6W single output SKMW06 and dual output DKMW06 series.

The SKMW06 and DKMW06 key features include: standardized pin-out, miniaturized size, 4:1 wide input voltage range, ultra-wide operating temperature range (-40~+85°C), 1500VDC input-output isolation, meeting EN55032 Class A EMI performance without external components, complete protection features, as well as silicone gel potting for better thermal performance, longer lifetime, dust/moisture protection and anti-vibration capabilities. These features make these converters suitable for electrical panels, telecommunication equipment, industrial control, distributed power architecture, and transportation applications.


  • 1”x  1”packaging, industrial standard pin-out
  • 4:1 wide input voltage range
  • Free air convection, can operate between -40~+85℃
  • Meeting EN55032 Class A EMI performance without external components
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Protections: short circuit, overload, over voltage, input under voltage
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 25.4 x 25.4 x 11.7mm
  • Approvals: UL/EAC/CE
  • 3 years warranty

SKMW06 Series  DKMW06 Series