Product Production Site Transition Plan

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By: Kevin Chen/COO

Providing the best cost-performance ratio of standard power supplies and services are MEAN WELL’s enterprise mission. After a thorough evaluation of raw material supplies and the factory production capacity, MEAN WELL carried out the production site transition plan for the following models.

Since October 2020, MEAN WELL has announced the "Product Production Site Transition Plan" on the official website, so that customers will keep abreast of the product production transition plan.
The notice will keep updated. Shall you have any questions, please contact your sale representatives!
Model Original Site Last Production Date New Site
UHP-750 Taiwan 2020/11/25 Guangzhou
TS-200/400 Taiwan 2020/11/16 Suzhou
PB-300/360 Taiwan 2020/11/16 Suzhou
RS-75/100/150 Guangzhou 2020/11/10 Suzhou
KNX-20E Suzhou 2020/10/13 Guangzhou

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