MEAN WELL Showcased the New Products at 2021 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

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After two months postponed the 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was successfully closed on 6th August! MEAN WELL was proudly announced new products in the exhibition. Let’s take a look at the speciality that we enhanced in this exhibition.

【NO.1 New concept of energy-saving——DC Centralized Bus】
With the increase of energy cost and the demand for decreased carbon emission, the world had sped up the need for renewable energy and high efficient products. MEAN WELL proudly presents the new DC centralized bus for lighting and indoor device applications to reduce power loss issues.

MEAN WELL released high voltage UHP-1500-380 power supply with the DC-DC NHDD-40-100, the DC centralized bus significantly decrease the cost, especially for lighting application. 

Learn more about DC centralized bus:

【NO.2 Diversity of Intelligent products】
With the intelligent trend for LED drivers, MEAN WELL has successfully developed the DALI dimming, KNX dimming and Bluetooth dimming products. This year we are glad to present the LCM/PWM DALI-2 and DLC-02 LED drivers. DALI-2 protocol adds the products definition and functions of the input device and controller device compared with DALI-1, which complete the DALI digital lighting system.

For more MEAN WELL New Products, please check the video below or the MEAN WELL Expo!

【NO.3 The Best Technology Award (Power Supply)-The 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Alighting Award】
MEAN WELL honoured to receive The Best Technology Award (Power Supply) of The 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Alighting Award.


【NO.4 Welcome to join Powered by MEAN WELL program!】
The Powered by MEAN WELL(PBM) co-marketing program has gathered 50 partners! We sincerely invite partners who agree with our brand philosophy to join the PBM program. For more information about the Powered by MEAN WELL program, please check the Powered by MEAN WELL website.

                                                                   PBM partner: ROMANSO

【NO.5 Join MEAN WELL at Live Expo】
 MEAN WELL also provide the Live Expo experience for the visitors. Enter ‘Reliable Partner’ for the chance of a lucky draw.

Again the end of the Lighting festival and the beginning of the new journey, MEAN WELL with nearly 40 years of experience in the power supply industry looking forward to corporate with more partners in the next 40 years! 

Goodbye 2021 and see you all in 2022!