SDG Group collaborates with partners to recruit 10,000 SDG members and establish 100 ESG corporations

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  SDG Group CSO/ Patrick Wang

SDG Group actively promotes the concept of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to achieve sustainable development. Jerry Lin, the founder of SDG Group, incorporates nine of the United Nations' sustainable development goals into the group's sustainable business blueprint and collaborates with global partners to construct industry alliances. Upholding the goal and belief of "Reliable Partners, Sustainable Development," the group has planned the "SDG Sustainable Development Porcelain Plate." SDG members will receive a culturally significant artwork that symbolizes the initiation of SDG action plans and collective guardianship of the Earth. The artwork aims to steer towards a sustainable and brighter future for the next generation.

SDG Sustainable Development Porcelain Plate

To concretely demonstrate and implement the goals of the SDGs, an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) evaluation plan has been formulated to ensure that all SDG partners adhere to ESG-related standards and practices. This aims to establish stronger global partner cooperation and develop the value network of the standard power supply industry.

Jerry Lin, the founder of SDG Group, will present the "ESG Corporation Qualification Certificate" to partners who pass the "ESG Corporation Evaluation" and "MEAN WELL Authorized Distributor Certificate" to authorized distributors. Additionally, the founder has conceptualized and planned an "SDG Collaboration Commemorative Bronze Sculpture," with 17 representing the concept of the United Nations' 17th SDG goal, "Partnerships for the Goals." The layers of the sculpture's skirt symbolize the transmission of sustainability, serving as a symbol and inheritance of the meaning of collaboration and sustainable development between SDG Group and its partners.

SDG Collaboration Commemorative Bronze Sculpture / ESG Corporation Qualification Certificate

In the post-pandemic era, strengthening trusted partner relationships and collectively constructing the SDG value network is crucial to becoming a stable force. The ESG evaluation plan aims to attract more like-minded partners who share similar values and join hands to foster consensus, promote sharing, and create a common good. The objective is to create over 100 ESG-certified corporations by 2030, dedicating efforts to establish a better environment for the next generation through practical actions!