Establish Learning Organization

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Dear SDG Partners,

The SDG Group has been actively responding to significant global changes, including the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine conflict, geopolitical transformations, demographic challenges, and economic downturn. As stated in our August 30th newsletter (Link), we are committed to making every effort to achieve the earliest possible recovery in the power supply industry. This article has reached a record-high number of readers, with over 3087+ viewers.
As of August 2023, SDG Group's revenue has declined by 17.6% compared to last year's (in the New Taiwan dollar). This decline is more severe than the 6.85% recession during the 2009-2010 financial crisis. We urge all partners to take this matter seriously.

Attached to this message is my EMBA thesis titled "The Research of Sustainable Development Strategy of Power Supply Industry - A Case Study of M Company" (Link). This thesis was made possible through the cooperation and support of all partners. I have carefully reviewed it several times, from the opening lines on page 1, "The setting sun reveals a beaten path on the mountain today. With integrity and sincerity, business is sure to prosper," to page 68, "By leading the establishment of various systems, rules, and computerized operations through the M Group, managing the ESG enterprise of the group, and finally achieving "Investigate things, extend knowledge, rectify the mind, and have sincere intent," I understand that building a learning organization and embracing computerization is essential in today's times.

If you have the time, please read Chapter 5 of my thesis, "Conclusion and Recommendations" (pages 62-68), and feel free to provide feedback. We will give the SDG Sustainable Development Porcelain Plate away as a token of appreciation.

We remind all partners that we must face the challenges of 3S (Survive / Secure / Succeed). As the era of information transparency approaches, SDG Group is committed to promoting global standardization of power supplies. We have established the MEAN WELL EXPO (Link) and the MEAN WELL APP, which allow system engineers to purchase products in real time. Additionally, our distributors need to provide quick samples and services. September 4th to September 8th is an excellent time to build inventory. Please prepare your inventory, reduce delivery wait times, and increase customer satisfaction, thus avoiding the loss of valuable customers!

However, we urge suppliers to maintain a stable supply and request timely payments from distributor clients. We can overcome various difficulties through mutual cooperation and effort and face future challenges.
SDG Group has always been your most reliable partner. Please stay tuned with MW APP news(iOSAndroid), support SDG Group, and work together for the earliest recovery. Let us move forward hand in hand and contribute to creating a better environment for the next generation.

Yours sincerely,
Jerry Lin
SDG Group Founder