High Voltage DC Centralized Power System - DALI-2 Digital Lighting Control Solution

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MEAN WELL, as a benchmark enterprise of standard power supply, not only devotes itself to innovate and develop high-efficiency and energy-saving products, but also research for solutions that are environmental-friendly and reduce energy consumption. The solutions will also be compatible with the application of future green energy power generation and energy storage systems. In addition, the development of electric vehicles will also drive the application of DC high voltage output, which can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as laser cutting/UV curing equipment/electrolysis equipment and DC centralized power supply. MEAN WELL also provides a complete solution for high-voltage DC centralized power supply lighting. This time, we will share the application of DC high-voltage centralized power supply lighting and we will provide introductions based on different application methods later.

Figure 1 is an illustration of high-voltage DC centralized power system application. The main concept  the indoor equipment's electricity is supplied directly by DC power while the equipment inside changes to
a more efficient DC-DC power supply and the input power of the equipment comes from a high-power and high-efficiency AC - DC power supply. In this manner, the power supply parts of a single device can be considerably reduced, and superfluous component pollution can be eliminated indirectly, as well as the cost. In addition, the DC power supply system can be equipped with solar power, wind power, and other power generating and energy storage facilities to increase the utilization of renewable energy, reduce conversion losses when utilizing AC power, and scale down pollution from power plants.

Figure 1. High Voltage DC Centralized Power System Application - DC House Lighting

Figure 2、3 shows MEAN WELL high voltage DC centralized power supply – DALI-2 digital lighting control solution. The system operates as indicated in the introduction. For a centralized power supply, the front stage uses a 380V high voltage DC output power source; the backstage uses a DC to DC LED driver, and the lights employ a high voltage series connection to minimize power conversion loss and lighting expenses. Ligting system matched with PowerNex DALI-2 panel switch to realize intelligent lighting solution.
For detailed descriptions, please click the video of high voltage DC centralized power system – DALI-2 digital lighting control solution.


Figure 2. High Voltage DC Centralized Application - DALI-2 Digitalized Lighting Control

Figure 3. High Voltage DC Centralized Application - DALI-2 Digitalized Lighting Application


With the complete product line, MEAN WELL advocates the application of HVDC centralized power supply and related products.
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