Optimizing the Supply Chain Towards Sustainable Development

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Dear partners,
Happy New Year! The SDG Group’s employees have returned to their positions, consistly providing stability power. In the face of global political and economic fluctuations last year, resulting in a downturn in financial performance, as we step into the new year, the supply chain is poised for actions to achieve our common vision and ensure the earliest recovery:
• The SDG Group has a fully operational Business Continuity Plan (BCP), addressing material supply issues, including production bases in India and the Philippines, ready to be activated and deployed in anytime. This action ensures normal operations and the implementation of sustainable business development.
• The PowerNex Group has initiated the construction of its headquarters, with completion and utilization expected by the end of 2025. PowerNex will launch a new product price list in April 2024, providing a comprehensive one-stop shopping service for diverse products and collaborating with partners to create a second growth curve.
• The SHARE WELL Group has invested in 10 companies in China and implemented 17 incubation projects covering manufacturing, green energy, automation, building automation, SMT mounting, cables, magnetic components, certification testing, logistics and stamping, gradually realized of shared resources and co-create the future.
• Establishing of the Sustainable Development Carbon Footprint Platform(Link) aims to provide carbon emission information for various models, collaborating with supply chain partners to implement the SDG Group's carbon offsetting program.
• The introduction of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) integrates information on processes, quality, equipment, and issue tracking, achieving full traceability throughout the production process. In the future, this will be combined with equipment recovery rates and leasing practices, extending to partner applications.
The future remains challenging, and the SDG Group adheres to promoting industry recovery. We will continue to follow a Diversify investment, Focus the domestic demand, Adjust the business model and Promote the brand policies. Together with our partners, we strive for the earliest recovery.
 SDG Group Founder: Jerry Lin
MEAN WELL Group Chairman: Ted Cheng
PowerNex Group Chairman: Alex Tsai
SHARE WELL Group Chairman: Alan Liu
MEAN WELL Foundation CEO: Patrick Wang
SDG Group COO: Kevin Chen
SDG Group CTO: Aries Jian