1~2W SMD Type DC-DC Converter

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By: Frank Chen/ Product Manager

In order to provide a variety of choices for customers, MEAN WELL has newly launched 5 series of SMD type 1~2W unregulated DC/DC converters: the SBTN01-N, SFTN01-N, DETN01-N, SFTN02-N, and DETN02-N. The 5 new series aim to serve as alternative options for the 5 already launched series, the SBTN01, SFTN01, DETN01, SFTN02, and DETN02. The product features comparison is shown in table below. The new products are pin-to-pin compatible with the older series in order for seamless transition and replacement for the end system PCB. These products are suitable for use in IoT, electronic instrumentation, networking, industrial control, communication equipment and various other equipment that requires distributed power architecture.

SBTN01-N Series   SFTN01-N Series   DETN01-N Series   SFTN02-N Series    DETN02-N Series