HRP-N3 Series: 350% Peak Power Solution

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By: Simon Kuo / Product Manager

MEAN WELL is the leader for standard power supply, and our mission is the continuous pursuit of innovation. Nowadays, as motor and battery-related applications have been increasing day-by-day, finding a power supply that can fulfill the peak load requirement when driving inductive loads (motors) and capacitive loads at the moment of start-up could be difficult. Users used to purchase multiple number of power supply or enlarge the wattage of the power supply to overcome the peak load requirement, but those ways will raise the costs as well as the size, which is not particle.
To satisfy the high-specification demands of the market, MEAN WELL launched its HRP-N3 series to provide an alternate solution for users. Please check more information and detail of HRP-N3 series with the button below. 


The new HRP-N3 series inherits the high-power density design originally from the HRP(150/ 300/ 600) and HRP-N(150N/300N/600N) , and the HRP-N3 provides the following key benefits:


  • Same size as the HRP-N and slightly smaller than the HRP series, 1U low profile design (except for 600W model) and convenient to easily upgrade to the N3   
  • Peak load up to 350% (HRP-150N3 is 300%) to fulfill start-up requirements for inductance and capacitance loads, power supply selection without over-design.
  • N3 series has an average ±15% ultra-wide range output voltage adjustment capability
  • 5G vibration proof to withstand harsh environments
  • -40℃~70℃ ultra-wide operating temperature range makes HRP-N3 suitable for all kinds of environments
  • 5 years warranty  

HRP-150N3 Series   HRP-300N3 Series   HRP-600N3 Series