NSP-1600/3200 Series: 1600W & 3200W High Power and Highly Reliable Switching Power Supply

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By: Simon Kuo / Product Manager

RSP-1500, RSP-1600, RSP-3000 and DPU-3200 series have been launched into the market for few years. However, the world is facing the impact from pandemic as well as the intense material supply chain, effecting the lead-time of some high-power products this year. Therefore, MEAN WELL specially plan the development of NSP-1600 and NSP-3200 series for better cost performance and LT.  NSP series will also implement smart FAN speed control and wider the DC operating range up to 400Vdc in near future. Leading these series are extremely suitable for semiconductor equipment, heavy industrial machine applications, automation related applications, 5G telecom station applications and data center applications.

On the other hand, parameter comparison chart and timeline of function implementation is made as follow for users to choose the most suitable product among MEAN WELL product line.

  • Input, output and safeties are refer to RSP or DPU series, enable fast design in and win. Please refer to the brief comparison below
  • Universal input 90~264Vac
  • Maximum efficiency up to 94.5%
  • Design refer to SEMI F47 @200Vac to achieve high stability
  • Built-in PV function
  • MTBF>600k hrs
  • 5 years warranty

NSP-1600 Series    NSP-3200 Series