RQB60W12 Series: 60W 1/4 Brick 14~160Vdc Ultra-Wide Input Railway DC/DC Converter

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Product Strategy Center /Frank Chen

MEAN WELL has been working on railway telematics for years, the 8~500W encapsulated module type, enclosed type, and DIN rail type have been widely praised within the industry (details in the table below). To meet the demand for a wider voltage input range, we're introducing the newly launched encapsulated module of 1/4 brick  60W  12:1 (14~160Vdc) ultra-wide voltage input RQB60W12 series.

Main features: 14~160Vdc ultra-wide voltage input can cover the mainstream nominal voltages of global railway systems (24/36/48/72/96/110Vdc), operate under extreme environments of -40~+90℃, an external capacitor can be added to ensure the hold-up time would last for 10~30 ms while the DC input is temporarily unstable, 2KVac/3KVdc high isolation withstand voltage, complete protections, etc. It is very suitable for industries such as railways, trams, MRTs, buses and information networks, industrial control automation, communication equipment and double-layer isolation requirements, DC UPS systems, battery voltage conversion or voltage stabilization...etc. 

  • 12:1 (14~160Vdc) ultra-wide input range
  • Fully encapsulated internal module: Shock-proof, dust-proof and moisture-proof
  • -40~+90℃ ultra-wide operating temperature
  • Input/output isolation: 2KVac or 3KVdc
  • Protection functions: Short Circuit, Overload, Overvoltage, Over Temperature, Input Undervoltage Protection
  • Remote ON/OFF control
  • Output voltage adjustable ± 10%
  • Compliance certifications:
    • Railway: EN50155/EN50121-3-2
    • Information: UL62368-1, EAC, CE, UKCA
  • Ultra-thin and low profile, dimensions (length x width x height): 57.9 x 36.8 x 12.7 mm
  • 3 years warranty