MDS01/02-N & MDD01/02-N Series: 1W/2W Module Type Medical Grade Unregulated & Isolated DC/DC Converter

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Product Strategy Center / Frank Chen

MEAN WELL module type medical grade DC-DC converters have newly launched the MDS01/02-N and MDD01/02-N series with better cost performance following the MDS01/02 and MDD01/02 series. The main differences between the old and new generations are as follows:

These four series feature <2μA ultra-low leakage current, 1×MOPP/2xMOOP and 6KVdc reinforced isolation, and pass LVD IEC60601-1 medical regulations. They are very suitable for terminal medical instruments that need to improve system insulation and reduce leakage current, thereby improving the overall system. Safety to avoid the risk of electric shock to patients, such as: operating room electrocautery knife, operating room medical screen, dissolved oxygen monitor, medical cart, oral care equipment, health examination equipment...etc.

  • SIP7 single row PIN international standard universal pin
  • Input voltage range ±10%
  • Ultra-low leakage current < 2μA
  • 6KVdc input/output reinforced isolation
  • -40 ~ +95℃ ultra wide temperature
  • Protection: Short Circuit (Continuously)
  • Safety certification: CB/UL/EAC/CE/UKCA
  • Medical IEC60601-1 (1×MOPP /2x MOOP), ITE IEC/UL62368-1
  • Dimensions: 19.7 x 7.1 x 11.5 mm
  • 3 years warranty




MDS/MDD01-N         MDS/MDD02-N

MDS01-N         MDS02-N         MDD01-N         MDD02-N