HEP-1000-W Series Wiring Type for Harsh Environment Power Supply.

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By: Rex Lin/Product Manager

To provide a complete harsh environment power supply product, MEAN WELL has released new HEP-1000-W series. The difference between this series and the previous HEP-1000 product lies in that the input and output adopt the waterproof wires, meeting the IP67 standard. The specifications allow this power product to be used in outdoor equipment or high humidity/high dust environments, such as 4G/5G communication equipment, laser machines, and charging related products.The HEP-1000 series adopts MEAN WELL unique fully potting design and filled with top-grade silicone gel, effectively helping the components to dissipate heat and avoiding failure caused by the high dust and high humidity environment. It can reduce overall maintenance costs and ensure that the equipment operates stably and reliably.

I/O TYPE □: Function type Communication protocol   Note
Terminal type
Blank PMbus       In stock
CAN CANbus     By request
 Wiring type
Blank PV/PC programmable By request
PM PMbus By request
CAN CANbus By request
CPM Charger with PMbus By request
CCAN Charger with CANbus By request
*Note: Terminal type with Charger function by programmer or PMbus/CANbus  setting.

The HEP-1000-W series is also designed with power supply and charging functions. With programmable voltage and constant current function (PV/PC), by applying a 0~5 DC voltage, the output voltage can be adjusted in a wide range from 50% to 125% and constant current 20% to 100%. Featuring built-in standard communication PMBus and CANBus protocols, HEP-1000-W series can be integrated into the high-end system seamlessly, making it a controllable peripheral device to bring several benefits, such as power conservation, easy monitoring, and fast communication. The case design and the firmware functions make HEP-1000-W a perfect fit for digital power management requirements, electrolysis, burn-in equipment, charging equipment, and laser applications.

  • Fanless and fully-potted design for harsh environment
  • PFC design and High efficiency up to 96%
  • Wide working temperature range : -40~+70℃
  • Withstand 10G vibration test
  • Built-in 2/3 stage charging curves and programmable curve
  • Output voltage and constant current level programmable
  • Protections : Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • Built-in PMbus and CANBus protocal (optional)
  • Built-in DC OK active signal and 12V auxiliary power output
  • 6 years warranty


HEP-1000-W Series