PHP-3500-HV High Voltage series Digitalized Power Supply

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By: Rex Lin/Product Manager

With the trend of new industrial applications, the demand for DC high-voltage output power supply is increasing.  It is suitable for various electrolysis, burn-in equipment, charging equipment, laser application devices, and different LED applications. They need to be used with a high-voltage output power supply. It can improve the convenience and reliability of the equipment, reduce the usage of multiple power supplies design in series, and improve the reliability of final equipment.

PHP-3500-HV series provides 115V, 230V and 380V output voltages, which can be used for industries that require high-voltage output applications. The fanless design can be used with water cooling and conduction heat dissipation. In addition, the output voltage can be adjusted in the following three ways. First, it can be adjusted with the built-in potentiometer. Second, through the programmable PV/PC function, the output voltage and current can be adjusted arbitrarily. Third, it also has digital communication functions such as CANBus/PMBus, which can be integrated into the human-machine interface system for control.

PHP-3500-HV series comply with EN/UL62368 information safety certification specifications and meet with OVC III design. It can be directly used in the distribution panel or fixed equipment, mainly reduce the cost of voltage conversion, reduces the risk of electric shock and provide a higher level of insulation & withstand voltage. In addition, the PHP-3500 -HV series offers multiple functions such as remote on/off control, auxiliary power output and fully digital design, conversion efficiency up to 96%, support for communication functions, and low profile design, with a power density of 18W/cubic inch. To sum up, PHP-3500-HV has multiple functions with a high-reliability power supply.

  • High voltage output with 115V, 230V, 380VDC
  • Fanless design with water and conduction cooling
  • Output voltage and current level programmable  (PV: 50~120%, PC: 20~100%)
  • Build-in CANBus and PMBus interface
  • Built-in remote ON/OFF and DC OK signal
  • Meet EN/UL62368 regulations, EAC, CE certification and OVC III
  • 5 years warranty