Special Design for Digital Lighting & Building Automation All-in-One Digital Lighting Controller-DLC-02 Series

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By: Rex Lin/Product Manager

With the market trend of 5G and smart home applications, the digital lighting system and building automation have attracted more attention and how to effectively integrate all the lighting systems of buildings or smart homes at the same time and combine the control into a building automation system, will be a key feature and advantages. MEANWELL has Stepping into the (BA) building automation system, in addition, to provide KNX building automation products, officially launched the new digital lighting controller, the DLC-02 series, capable of controlling for the DALI Digital lighting system, and the KNX complies with the DALI-2 regulations. DLC-02-KN(KNX to DALI Gateway) effectively integrate into the KNX building automation system; the installer can choose the suitable product according to the scale of the area. 

MEAN WELL’s DLC-02 series adopts Class II with insulated plastic casing and DIN-Rail mounting design(144mm width), which can be quickly installed in the distribution box for easily integrated with other building automation products. This series complies with the latest DALI-2 controller (Control device - Part 103) regulation, provides 2 channels of DALI bus output. It has a built-in DALI power supply and provides a 250 mA maximum, and each channel can be connected with maximum 64 luminaires (Control gear - Part 102/207) and 12 Wall-switches or Sensors (Input device - Part 301~304). In addition, DLC-02 series integrates the latest DALI-2 relay (Part-208) control function, which can control electrical devices or curtain motors. Moreover, the installer can arrange the scheduling to manage the Luminaires automatically and complete the entire function through the built-in timer function. The installer can easily set up light scenes and grouping control with DLC-02 or choose DLC-02-KN to effectively integrate KNX building automation systems.

The DLC-02 series can be perfectly matched with any DALI-2 and KNX-certified related products. In addition to the above functions, this series has all the features of DALI-2, including simple use, open protocol, fully interoperability. So, after installing all the devices, the installer needs to use the DLC software to set up grouping and light scenes for the luminaires which connect on the DALI bus. Furthermore, the RJ45 and LCD interface also can do function checking and set easily. The DLC-02 series complies with DALI IEC62386-101/ 103/ 207/ 208/ 301/ 302/ 303/304 regulations. It also complies with relevant international safety certificated, including EN61347/63044 and EMC EN55015/ 61547/ 63044. Therefore, DLC-02 is an ideal lighting controller, which is the basic infrastructure of the digital lighting system.

  • Comply with IEC 62386 DALI-2, and Part 101/103/207/208/301/302/303/304
  • 2 x channels of DALI bus, for control gear and control device using
  • 4 x programmable relays, for electrical switch or curtains control
  • DLC software for system settings or remotely through internet
  • Built-in LCD display and control buttons to set and view settings
  • Built-in timer IC, commission schedule
  • Communication interface: RJ-45 and KNX, for connection expansion with other building automation systems
  • DIN-Rail mounting, compact design 8SU width (144x 90x 58.4mm)


DLC-02 Series    DLC-02-KN Series