Product Specification Adjustment Notice: LSP-160 Series Upgrade to 200W

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By: Rex Lin / Product Manager

In order to make LSP-160 series suitable for various industrial equipment and LED display applications, MEAN WELL has improved the wattage based on condition at AC 230V input, the maximum continuous operation power can be used up to 200W, which is convenient for customers to combine various needs with low profile mechanism (194x 55x 20 mm). As a 200W power supply for choice, the improvement of relevant specifications will be introduced into standard products and still offering 3-year warranty, which is convenient for customers to use and does not require MOQ for production. The cost of this upgrade will be absorbed by MEAN WELL, and the price will not increase too. If you have any questions about the upgrade of this product, please refer to the latest announcement specifications on MEAN WELL's official website, or contact MEAN WELL sales representatives.

LSP-160 Series (Output Voltage) Original
 Current Sharing Cut-in Time Cut-in Lot No.
3.3V 105.6W 132W YES 2022.07.27 W2208D
4.2V 134.4W 168W YES
5V 160W 200W YES
12V 162W 200W ---
24V 162W 200W ---
36V 162W 200W ---
48V 163.2W 200W ---


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