MEAN WELL Showcased the Star Products at Smart Asia 2019 in India

By: Benaka Varadaraju /Sales Representative of India

At the recent Smart Asia Expo held in Mumbai, MEAN WELL had successfully participated and witnessed the drive towards smart connectivity projects. Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing happening in India. Indian govt. has initiated many smart city projects, which will facilitate wider market segments such as smart lighting, smart energy, smart transportation, environmental stability and boost the Indian electronics industry.

To thoroughly support the whole Indian electronics industry, power supplies is definitely the core components. During the show, we meet many customers from various application segments, majorly in LED Lighting, Automation, and Green Energy showing interest in MEAN WELL products. With more than 37 years in the standard power supply industry, MEAN WELL is confident in offering the best service with our complete product portfolios. We have our rock star products, such as XLG Series for LED lighting, LRS,IRM series for industrial automation, and HDR series for smart building. In a nutshell, MEAN WELL is ready to be the reliable power partner for the India market.