Manufacturing Industry Initiates Digital Transformation - Automation and MES as Key Drivers

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By: Operations Center of SDG Group/ Vic Chiang
Facing global issues such as declining birth rates and labor shortages, manufacturing labor costs have been on the rise. Effectively leveraging technology to maintain competitiveness has become a core consideration for the manufacturing industry. In line with the concept of sustainable development, SDG Group has been implementing automated processes in its factories for several years. In recent years, the investment in automation has been further increased, with a total estimated investment of approximately USD 10.5 million by the year 2023. Through these automation initiatives, process quality and production efficiency are enhanced, manufacturing costs are effectively reduced, and the overall competitiveness of SDG Group is strengthened.
To progress towards a global smart manufacturing transformation, SDG Group has actively invested in a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in recent years. This system integrates process management, quality control, equipment integration management, and issue tracing to achieve full-process traceability in production. The adoption of the MES system enables real-time presentation of production information, making production management more immediate, transparent, and objective. Additionally, it complements factory evaluations, empowering manufacturing supervisors to take proactive management measures and enabling agile operational decision-making, thereby laying the foundation for SDG Group's intelligent manufacturing.
Looking ahead, with the integration of automated equipment and MES systems, combined with the group's forward-thinking strategies, MEAN WELL is fully prepared to embrace the challenges of the next wave while proactively deploying measures. The company is ready to rebound from any downturn and strive for the fastest recovery and growth curve.

Automated Production Line RSP-200/320 at B1 Floor of Suzhou MEAN WELL