MEAN WELL European Distributor Conference, Uniting Innovation and Taiwanese Culture

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EUMW Marketing Dep./ Valerie Wang

June 26, 2023 - MEAN WELL, the global leader in standard power supply solutions, successfully hosted the highly anticipated European Distributor Conference in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, in conjunction with the Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival and the Benefit Music Concert & Dinner.

The series of events commenced on June 25, 2023, with the Amstelveen Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival, featuring thrilling boat races and traditional celebrations. European distributor partners were invited to immerse themselves in the unique Taiwanese cultural ambiance, creating a grand atmosphere reminiscent of the festive spirit of the Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan.

The following day, the spotlight turned to the SDG Group - MEAN WELL European Distributor Conference. During the conference, Mr. Jerry Lin, the founder of the SDG Group, emphasized the group's commitment to strengthening trusted partnerships that align with sustainable development through investment. He expressed his hope that partners would collaborate to create an ideal environment for the next generation, strive for excellence, and navigate towards the future. Additionally, MEAN WELL's European engineers and product managers introduced the MEAN WELL Online Expo Website, guiding attendees through the various exhibition halls and providing detailed insights into the new products in the 3+N and 6 Niche product lines, as well as their applications across different industries. The aim is to continue deepening the company's presence and development in industries such as charging, healthcare, energy storage, green energy, and information and communication.

Following the conference, the MEAN WELL Benefit Music Concert & Dinner at the Amsterdam Theater Hall took center stage. Attendees were captivated by mesmerizing contemporary Taiwanese dance performances, musical showcases, and delectable Taiwanese cuisine. The seamless integration of cultural immersion and networking opportunities further strengthened MEAN WELL's commitment to building lasting relationships.

This series of events, combining the sharing of Taiwanese culture, conference engagement with distributor partners, and the integration of the SDG Group's sustainability philosophy, marks a significant milestone for MEAN WELL. The company remains dedicated to driving innovation, nurturing partnerships, and fostering cross-cultural exchanges. With the shared vision of delivering comprehensive power supply solutions and a sustainable future, MEAN WELL looks forward to working together with its partners to achieve their collective goals.