Guangzhou MEAN WELL 612 Partners Day, Joining Hands with SDG Partners to Promote Sustainable Development

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By:GZMW/ Grace Yan
On June 12, 2023, as the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition ended, MEAN WELL held the SDG Group's "Pursuing Excellence, Sail into the Future" themed Partner Day event at its factory in Huadu, Guangzhou. The event brought together book authors, distributors, customers, suppliers, and equipment partners to share the development journey and future direction of the SDG Group, aiming to collaborate with partners to pursue excellence and promote sustainable development.

Jerry Lin, the founder of the SDG Group, stated that the group is committed to sustainable development and is dedicated to promoting the concepts of "Global Power Supply Standardization" and "Constructing an Industrial Value Network," forming long-term collaborations with like-minded partners. Alex Tsai, the SDG Group Greater China's CEO, provided a detailed explanation of the group's development. MEAN WELL Group continues to adhere to its core power supply business, PowerNex Group develops alliances and investment cooperation in the upper, middle, and lower industries related to power and power electronic accessories, and SHARE WELL Group pioneers green energy technology and project development as well as industry alliances in China.
The Partner Day event showcased four theme exhibition areas: the Intelligent Lighting Hall, the 3+N System Power Hall, the SHARE WELL & PowerNex Hall, and the SDG Brand Hall, which presented the leading products and businesses of the SDG Group's various companies. In these exhibition areas, partners could gain a visual understanding of the application of MEAN WELL's intelligent dimming products, such as KNX and DALI, the application of system power, and related product series, such as SHARE WELL's automated mechanical arms and PowerNex's components. These products and services are powerful support the SDG Group provides in collaboration with ESG partners, leading the industry's development.

Based on the foundation of "Trust Partners, Sustainable Development," the SDG Group aims to create an ESG enterprise to promote the sustainable development of the next generation's environment. To this end, Jerry Lin personally customized an SDG porcelain plate. Alex Tsai, the CEO of the SDG Group Greater China, presented the SDG porcelain plates to the book authors, distributors, Powered by MEAN WELL cooperative customers, suppliers, and equipment representatives, hoping to work together with partners to build consensus, promote sharing, and create a better future, advancing towards the nine goals of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and contributing to a better environment for the next generation.


After the evening banquet, the Partner Day event successfully concluded, allowing everyone to exchange market insights, discuss cooperation, and share ideas about sustainable development. The SDG Group will host the "Trust and Gratitude" themed charity concerts in Hong Kong on October 28 and Suzhou on November 10 to further implement this concept. Partners are sincerely invited to participate "Trust and Gratitude" concert together to copromote the concept of sustainable development!